Issues Facing 
District 62
A large area of District 62 is rural and depends on the state institutes, historical sites, parks and ports for their livelihoods. They have taken a huge financial hit due to budget cuts, which have resulted in downsizing and, ultimately, layoffs. My goal as State Representative is to return these to their full potential and utilize them for the services they provide. 

Some of District 62 is growing so fast that the roads and bridges, the infrastructure, medical facilities, and schools are struggling to keep up. For these areas, I would be in a great position to work to get the support needed to improve and continue the growth. 

I realize these are some big plans, but I believe our families here in District 62 deserve this and more. 

I respectfully ask you to get out and VOTE for me, Roy Daryl Adams, on February 23, 2019.